Welcome to Backyard Mint!

A bit about us…

The name Backyard Mint comes from an experience we shared about a month ago. While at Lowes buying herbs and flowers we became perplexed by the multiple types of mint available. We had no idea which to choose so we asked an employee what he recommended. The conversation went as follows:

“Which type of mint do you recommend?”

“Well what are you planning on cooking with it?”

“Um…. well I think we are mostly going to put it in drinks and things.”


“Like lemonades and…. well let’s be honest, probably alcohol.”


At this points heads turned. Some laughed at the twenty something year old girls who were only planting mint to put in their drinks. Many were horrified, as we do live in what can only be described as the “Bible Belt.” Oops

Anyway, this conversation kind of epitomizes what this blog will be like. We want to be creative and make amazing things. We both love to cook, Bethany likes to sew, and we are trying to get into gardening. But honestly at the end of the day that mint that we are slaving over in our garden may just end up making us the perfect Mojito.

So follow us here and we promise that not only will we show you delicious recipes and fun crafts to make, but we’ll help you have a little fun as well. We look forward to you following us and contributing with your own comments.


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About Backyard Mint

Meet Robin: She didn't learn to boil water until high school. Meet Bethany: She took professional knife lessons at age 14. Meet our Kitchen: We don't always do the dishes, but the food on them is always yummy. With our powers combined, we're Backyard Mint. Welcome!

2 responses to “Welcome to Backyard Mint!”

  1. Megan says :

    LOVE this… Mojitos and gardening? Count me in.

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